Creativity Builds Confidence!


Within every child there is a need for creativity. They express

this need in small measures, at first. Many children start

drawing when they can barely walk or talk. Drawing helps

them call attention to their feelings. By the time they reach

five, their maturity has advanced enough to let their creativity

find expression.

Our experience helps us guide their expression. With patience

and praise, we can teach any child to draw, paint, and sculpt.

Here are some added benefits Parents love:

Cognitive Development: 

  • enhance creativity
  • learn about cause and effect
  • improve planning and organizational skills
  • express thoughts and ideas
  • recognize colors, shapes, and textures

Socio-Emotional Development: 

  • express feelings
  • take pride in accomplishments
  • realize individuality
  • interact with other students

Physical Development: 

  • demonstrate increased small motor skills
  • refine hand-eye coordination