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As time goes by, language, and word usage, changes; as does other things in our lives. I would like to consider the material, in my column as PERIODICALS, which appears at regular intervals. My entries will be stories that I write for Children, (that adults, themselves like to read), tips, suggestions, events, and anything that I feel has significant value to my readers. I am writing, this event, the evening of the day it happened. I wanted to keep the images, of the day, vivid. “Heat of the moment”, as they say.

Rerun by popular request!

The Heavenly Place

Heaven has no rivalBut, Rockport Mass. is the best We’ve got down here.

     Do you know of a place that makes you feel like you are in a piece of heaven just dropped out of the sky?  Well Ann, and I, discovered such a place just forty years ago, when we honeymooned there.      

      It would be cruel, and selfish, if we didn’t tell anybody about it … so listen up.   The place is in New England…Cape Ann … as a matter of fact.  It is complete with secret little coves, here and there, which endears one to this quaint little township. Our honeymoon was scheduled for Rockport Maine… but Maine is such a long way from Connecticut, especially when you are on a honeymoon.So when, along the way, we saw a sign post that read “Rockport” Massachusetts our impatience demanded quick resolve… we swerved into that piece of heaven I talked about earlier.  It was Rockport, all right but in  Massachusetts.

     Our first stay, there, was at the” Peg Leg.”  The wooden sculpture of a one legged pirate greets you at the entrance of this fine Hotel.  It is a fine Hotel, but not as centrally located as we would have liked.  However, we both fell in love with Rockport Mass. and returned, the following year.  Even the light, in this town, is special, and different.   Due to the proximity of hills and Ocean, a three-way reflected quality is produced, which Painters and Photographers respect. They call it “The Magic Light”.

     We discovered a Bed & Breakfast called “the Lantana House,” this time.  It was located in the center of town.  In essence the Toyota could stay parked, while we walked the shops, and did the restaurants.  

     Since we visit this delightful Seafarers Village … sometimes twice a year, we have made friends with many of the townsfolk … especially among the Gallery proprietors.  We have sold our work there, and became known for our unique sculptures and paintings.     

     Aside from the commercial aspects, our visit there is always pleasant, and starts with Vickie’s luscious breakfast.  Vicky VanDerwerken, and her husband Steve, provide rooms varying in size, and appointments, and stay open year-round.

     A brand new Opera House has been built, in Rockport, since the last three summers that we were there.  It is completed, now, and hopefully we will be attending performances there, on our next vacation.  Superb Orchestras, of note, preformed there on opening nights, frequently.

     As I say a small piece of “Heaven” just dropped out of the sky, and landed in Rockport Mass.  And it all starts at the “Lantana House.”  


Robert C. Raymond

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