Creativity Builds Confidence!

What is the Glass Castle? 

It all started in what you might call a one room schoolhouse that

my husband Bob built. It soon became apparent that expansion

was needed. In our earlier years, we had taken art lessons in the

glass addition of the Wadsworth Atheneum. It was a space

provided for art teachers, such as Master Sculptor Wolfgang

Behl, of the University of Hartford. We have fond memories of

our time at the Wadsworth. When it was time to make a place for

our students, we both wanted to give them the same  feeling of

happiness that we experienced. On the day the new studio

opened, a student named Emily sat transfixed in complete awe.

Our other students all sat in quiet amazement. Emily’s voice

broke the silence, singing out in unrestrained glee, "It’s a Glass

Castle!" And it has remained the Glass Castle ever since.