Creativity Builds Confidence!

 At the Center, we participate in several programs annually

that can introduce your child to success.  Recently, Senator

Richard Blumenthal recognized our school for its involvement in

the Paul G. Keough Earth Artists Program.  See more about the

program below and his letter of Commendation.   

World Awareness Chidren's Museum: 

The cooperative association our Center has with the Museum

started many years  ago by our sponsorship of their program. 

The Chidren's Museum has an  international program that invites

Children of the world to participate in an art  program.  The

winners have their work hung in galleries, bank foyers and

private homes all over the world. Children from other countries

have had their work similarly placed here in the U.S.A. as an

exchange program. Here at the Ann Raymond’s Center for the

Arts, we have displayed our Students works as well as work from

other children around the world at the Lisa & Mason Community

Library in New Hartford CT.

Paul G. Keough Earth Artists Program:

Another one of the programs that our School sponsors is the

sponsored by the EPA for students in grades K-6. The students

produce two gallery displays. They are fun to do and the

Students get a chance to create their own theme to suggest

actions that they and others can take to increase awareness

and protect the environment.

Check back later for a listing of students who won awards. 

We are so proud of our students and thank each and every one

who have made this year another success!